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Ostrich Bouquet formed in February 2017 when founding members Michael and Davide added Jeremy and Kyle to the lineup. The members have a diverse taste in music, ranging from psychedelic, post-rock, jazz, blues, shoegaze, prog, indie rock, IDM, ambient and others, and place a strong emphasis on experimentation in their music.

You can often find weird time, unique chord progressions, surprising song structures, and psychedelic soundscapes in their music.


It wasn’t long until the band started to record and self-produce their music, releasing their fully self-produced debut EP, “On Time, as Usual”, in November 2017, who’s lyrics dealt with time constraints and the inevitability of things not working out as expected.

The band’s debut EP, “On Time, as Usual” can be found on their Bandcamp and can be streamed on various platforms such as Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and more.

The EP draws from post-rock, psychedelic, and jazz influences all the while experimenting with odd metre and melody and has recently received a 9/10 review from local music reviewers Bucketlist Music.


In April 2018, the band started recording their second EP, “Perennial” at Avbury Studios. The EP is set to be released at their June 1st release show at O Patro Vys. To support the EP release, they have scheduled a Summer 2018 tour of Ontario.

“Perennial” is without a doubt Ostrich Bouquet’s most ambitious release, musically and lyrically, to date. The album deals with feelings of insecurity in one’s own thoughts as well as loss, but also those of confidence and optimism.

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